Aging Gracefully – These Celebrities have Managed to Only Get Better with Age

Who understands the need to look perfect all the time, better than our beloved celebrities who seem to always be camera ready. While beauty is a very subjective concept, but it is widely accepted that aging does not affect everyone the same way, and seems to be favoring some stars more than others!

Of course, it all boils down to genetics, diet, exercise and clean living, but don’t you think a few celebrities don’t seem to age at all? Even the ones who show signs of aging — wrinkles and all — seem least bothered by it, and always have the biggest smiles in front of photographers.

Here’s a look at some of the biggest celebrities and how they have been faring these days…

Alicia Silverstone

Who doesn’t remember Alicia Silverstone! The actress starred in one of the biggest teen coming-of-age stories in the 90s and although Clueless released 25 years ago, Alicia still looks like the teen idol like she used to!

Alicia needed only a few movie roles to be noticed by the industry biggies, and soon was cast in Batman & Robin, and Miss Match. The actress reveals that she has a very low maintenance hair and skin care routine, but credits her vegan diet for making her look younger.

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