Celebrities You’d Never Expect to Have a Ton of Pets

Who wouldn’t want to be a celebrity? You have the world’s attention, plus the fortune to live however you’d like. But beyond their fabulous lives on the red carpet, celebrities have pretty normal lives at home. Well, with a few exceptions. Celebs obviously live pretty luxuriously — and some have way more pets than the average person.

Celebrities who absolutely adore animals have the space and the funds to adopt as many pets as they want. Whether they’re a dog lover who’s rescuing pups left and right or a fan of farm animals, some celebrities turn their love for animals into a serious hobby. And that means some of the world’s most famous faces have pretty large menageries at home. From Paris Hilton’s pint-sized dogs to Miley Cyrus’ love of rescue animals to Kristin Stewart’s pack of wolf dogs, celebrities often have way more pets than fans even realize.

From cats and dogs to snakes and goats, celebrities often keep their beloved pets out of the limelight. So, here are some surprising famous figures who have a ton of pets — if you’re an animal lover, you’ll be jealous of their furry (and not-so-furry) friends!

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