Celebrities You’d Never Expect to Have a Ton of Pets

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is one celebrity who’s known for excess. Her home, her style, and her outfits are always over the top. But what many people don’t realize is that she’s also a serious dog lover.

Mariah has a large number of Jack Russell terriers. One of her beloved pups gave birth to puppies back in 2013, and her pack grew even larger. Today, the famous songstress is a dog-mom to eight pups: Jack, Cha Cha, Jackie Lambchops, Jill E. Beans, Squeak E. Beans, JJ, The Good Reverend Pow Jackson, Pipitty L. Jackson, and Mutley P. Gore Jackson III.

And although she’s not often photographed with them, Mariah takes excellent care of her furry children. They travel just as well as Mariah does, taking first class when they fly. And they even have their own staff!

Mariah Carey / Twitter

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