Bitgert BRC20 Blockchain To Support 500+ Startups & Businesses, While Solana, Cardano & Avalanche Are Only Focusing On Crypto Projects

The biggest development at Bitgert right now, after the launch of the zero gas fee chain, is the Bitgert Startup Studio.

The biggest development at Bitgert right now, after the launch of the zero gas fee chain, is the Bitgert Startup Studio. This is one of the programs the Bitgert team is carrying out to make financial decentralization a reality. While others like Solana, Cardano, and Avalanche are only pushing for crypto projects, Bitgert BRC20 Blockchain is supporting 500+ startups and businesses. Here is more about the Bitgert Startup Studio program:


Immediately after launching the game-changing zero-gas fee BRISE BRC20 blockchain, the Bitgert team announce the launch of the Bitgert Startup Studio program. It is a game-changing program that enables startups and businesses to access funds. The platform enables small-scale businesses to access financiers directly for cheaper money than what banks and other traditional financial institutions offer. The Bitgert Startup Studio started just a few days ago, and already, many startups and businesses are applying. The Bitgert team will support over 500 startups by the end of the year. The startup studio is one of the programs expected to skyrocket the Bitgert marketcap.


There is something about the Centcex project that appeals to the crypto community. Despite being just three months old, at the time of this writing, Centcex is quickly gaining crypto investors’ attention. The most outstanding thing about the Centcex project is the large number of products the team is building. In fact, the website says the Centcex lab will build an unlimited number of products. This means more revenue for staked tokens. The 100% APY staking reward and the vast utilities are the most attractive features. Though the Centcex team might develop a blockchain, it has to compete with the Bitgert chain.


The Solana project has been impressive this year. With the developments the team is carrying out, SOL is expected to be one of the best performers in the market. The ongoing Riptide Hackathon is one of the biggest Solana programs right now. The Solana engineers are carrying out the program to bring more DeFi, NFT, metaverse, and other crypto projects to the Solana network. The Solana team is yet to develop a product or program for the business community but has only been on crypto products. This is one of the reasons why Bitgert might outperform it this year.


The Cardano team is delivering on the network development as well as on the projects running on the network. The number of dApps, NFTs, and metaverse projects on the Cardano networks has been increasing. The team is also working to make the Cardano blockchain more competitive by addressing some of the biggest limitations, including scalability, the expensive gas fee, and decentralization. But Bitgert is outperforming Cardano through its startup studio program that brings real decentralization of the finances. The platform is enabling small businesses to access funds from investors across the globe. That’s something that Cardano has been unable to do for this long.


The other cryptocurrency that is focusing on crypto projects is Avalanche. It has been the fastest smart contract in the industry, which made Avalanche the most sought-after platform by developers. That’s why Avalanche has been focusing on crypto projects due to its faster speed and cheaper gas. So far, Avalanche has not developed products or programs on the network that can help decentralize the financial industry for the business community as Bitgert has done. In addition to that, the Bitgert chain is proving more powerful to Avalanche in transaction speed and gas fees.