Bitgert Chain Adoption Can Be Faster Than Solana Cardano & Avalanche Because Of Its Zero Gas Fee Mechanism

The Bitgert team has just launched the widely anticipated BRISE BRC20 blockchain.

The fast adoption of a cryptocurrency is the most important thing for any crypto project. The marketcap skyrockets when the cryptocurrency is experiencing fast adoption, just like Shiba Inu in 2021. Bitgert is the next big thing in the crypto industry and will soon start a massive adoption, faster than Cardano, Solana, and even Avalanche. This is because of the recently launched zero gas fee blockchain. Read more about the Brise chain and how it is starting Bitgert’s mass adoption.


The Bitgert team has just launched the widely anticipated BRISE BRC20 blockchain. The Bitgert blockchain grew popular in the crypto industry, even before the team launched because of its exciting features. The first feature is the zero gas fee, which solves the issue of the costly gas fee in the crypto industry. The Bitgert chain gas costs 0.000021 BRISE, or $0.0000000000001, which is, without doubt, a zero fee.

The second blockchain problem Bitgert chain has addressed is low scalability with its 100k TPS. The speed is faster than Solana, making Bitgert BRISE BRC20 blockchain the fastest chain in the market. But it is the zero gas fee that has attracted blockchain users and the reason the Bitgert chain adoption will be faster than Cardano, Solana, and even Avalanche.


Another crypto project that is worth crypto enthusiasts’ attention is Centcex. The project might be new, just three months old at the time of this writing, but it has immense potential to become the biggest cryptocurrency in the near future. This is mainly because of the unmatched number of products in the Centcex ecosystem, which is being developed by the Centcex developers.

But it is the top-tier security and user experience features that will increase the adoption of the Centcex products. The Centcex team has also hinted at developing its own blockchain. The 100% APY staking reward and the unlimited number of apps on the ecosystem are the reasons why Centcex adoption will be the fastest.


Solana has been one of the cryptocurrencies doing very well in the crypto market. Being the fastest blockchain in the industry increased the adoption rate of the Solana chain. That’s why SOL is today among the top 10 largest cryptocurrencies in market value. But the coming of the Bitgert as the fast blockchain and also the cheapest blockchain has Solana the second-fastest blockchain. Though Solana chain might increase its TPS, it might not beat Bitgert on the gas fee cost.


Cardano is another top-ranking cryptocurrency in terms of market value. As the first PoS protocol, the Cardano chain experienced a fast adoption because of its faster speed and cheaper gas compared to Ethereum and Bitcoin networks. But the performance of the Cardano chain has been challenged by new chains, including Solana and now Bitgert. However, the Cardano team is working on a scaling solution that might push the chain TPS to 1 million. However, it might never beat Bitgert chain zero gas fee.


The fast adoption of the Avalanche network has been driven by the project being the fastest smart contract. It was still the fastest smart contract until the BRC20 smart contract was launched. With a higher and cheaper gas fee than Avalanche, Bitgert chain is posing tough competition for this scaling platform. Bitgert chain is also EVM compatible, and this means developers from Ethereum will find it easy to migrate from Avalanche and Ethereum to Bitgert. That’s why Bitgert chain adoption can be faster than Avalanche.