Bitgert has overtaken Safemoon in terms of Growth & Development

Bitgert project is quickly dominating the crypto industry, despite being just 7 months old, as of this writing. The team’s accomplishment in building the Bitgert system has been outstanding. In fact, it has outperformed even older crypto projects. Bitgert has been one of the biggest competitors for Safemoon, but it has overtaken SFM by miles in terms of growth and development. Read more here why Bitgert is outperforming Safemoon:


The Bitgert project’s growth has been phenomenal. This is one of the few crypto projects that have achieved so much in just seven months of launch. Bitgert has been compared to Safemoon, another DeFi project, but the recent developments show it has greatly outperformed its rival in growth and development. To start with, Bitgert has launched more products than Safemoon despite being almost 5 months younger.

The products that Bitgert has built and launched are game-changing in the cryptocurrency industry. The BRISE BRC20 blockchain is the most powerful product the team has launched. It is a zero gas fee chain and also the fastest chain in the industry, faster than Solana. Note that the Bitgert chain is the only gasless chain in the industry. The Bitgert Startup Studio is the next big thing in the crypto market. That’s how impressive Bitgert performance has been.


The Centcex cryptocurrency charts on various platforms like Coinmarketcap has been impressive. Centcex is one of the cryptocurrencies that have managed to maintain a stable and mooning price since it launched. Being the project with the largest number of products is one of the reasons Centcex is growing popular.

The team running this project want to build an unlimited number of crypto apps for the ecosystem. The team also promises a 100% APY staking reward. When these two factors are combined, Centcex becomes one of the best crypto investments of 2022. However, the Centcex team will need to build more products to beat the Bitgert competition.


The Safemoon performance since the project launched in early 2021 has been good. But when compared to Bitgert, a relative younger crypto project, it cannot be one of the best performers so far. In fact, it has been overtaken in both growth and development by Bitgert. The only roadmap products that Safemoon has launched are the wallet and the Safemoon V2.

The Safemoon team has not started the building of the exchange, which is one of the four products, while Bitgert is about to launch its CEX. The Bitgert blockchain is LIVE already, but the Safemoon team is yet to mention anything about the possibility of building a blockchain. That’s how Safemoon has been outperformed by Bitgert despite being an older project.