Bitgert Might Surpass Solana Marketcap Because Of Its Zero Gas Fee Blockchain & Startup Studio

The Bitgert Startup Studio is also making financial decentralization a reality. Read more about these Bitgert products.

The fast growth of a cryptocurrency is mostly determined by the ability of the project to solve real problems in the crypto industry or in real life. The reason Solana is one of the largest cryptocurrencies is that it solved the speed issue in blockchain technology. Similarly, Cardano implemented the first PoS consensus.

The expensive gas fee has been one of the industry’s biggest problems, and now the Bitgert blockchain has provided a solution. The Bitgert Startup Studio is also making financial decentralization a reality. That’s why the crypto community believes that Bitgert might surpass the Solana marketcap. Read more about these Bitgert products:


The zero gas fee blockchain and the Startup Studio are two products the Bitgert team recently launched. These are game-changing products that make Bitgert one of the most powerful blockchains in the market. In fact, the Bitgert chain is not only a gasless blockchain but also the fastest in the market. With a 100k TPS, the Brise chain is faster than Solana.

The decentralization of the financial industry through the Bitgert Startup Studio is another factor that makes the Bitgert chain superior to Solana and many other cryptocurrencies focusing on crypto projects. With all these features, the chances are very high that Bitgert might surpass the Solana marketcap. It is one crypto project likely to experience massive adoption.


The popularity of the Centcex project is growing fast, and this can be seen from its fast-growing marketcap. Though Centcex was launched three months ago, it has managed to become among the most sought-after cryptocurrencies in the industry. The biggest reason crypto investors are buying Centcex tokens is because of an unlimited number of utilities on the network and a huge staking reward, which is 100% APY.

The Centcex developers are funded by 3% of every transaction to build an unlimited number of blockchain applications. Therefore, Centcex is one of the projects that will have the biggest number of products. That means Centcex token stakes will be getting huge staking rewards as the generated revenue will be huge. It is a crypto investment to consider.


The Solana blockchain has an impressive speed, which is one reason why the cryptocurrency exploded in 2021. The crypto community was looking for a faster chain, and Solana provided a solution. The Solana gas fee has also been cheaper than Ethereum and many other chains. These are factors that have made SOL one of the largest cryptocurrencies today.

Bitgert is offering a faster chain and cheaper gas than Solana. The Bitgert team is also launching game-changing programs and products that will increase BRISE credibility in the market. That’s why it is projected that Bitgert might Surpass Solana marketcap. The Brise chain is more powerful than Solana. It is just a matter of time before $BRISE starts skyrocketing.