Bitgert Price Skyrocketing, While Solana Plunges – Bitgert is Said to be the Next Solana

The recent launch of the zero-gas fee blockchain has kept Bitgert skyrocketing even during crashes.

The fourth week of February started in a bearish condition, with most of the largest cryptocurrencies plunging. Bitcoin is already trading below $40k, which is a price most investors thought they would never see again in 2022. Solana has also been doing badly, having plunged 18% in 7 days and 12% in the past 24 hours as of this writing. However, Bitgert price has been skyrocketing non-stop for a whole week. But why? Here is more about this magic coin, Bitgert.


Though Bitgert has been one of the cryptocurrencies that have been mooning even during bear markets. The recent launch of the zero-gas fee blockchain has kept Bitgert skyrocketing even during crashes. The Bitgert BRISE BRC20 blockchain is today one of the most powerful chains in the crypto industry’s history. It is the first blockchain to address the issue of the costly gas fee by keeping its cost of gas at $0.0000000000001, which is basically a zero fee.

In addition to the gasless feature, the Bitgert blockchain is currently the fastest chain in the industry. At 100k TPS, Bitgert chain is faster than Solana chain. With these two features, the crypto community believes that Bitgert is the next Solana. Bitgert chain is already better than Solana, and the upcoming products for the chain will make it even better. Therefore, we can expect Bitgert to keep skyrocketing going forward.


The growth rate of the Centcex project, for the three months it has been around, is impressive. In fact, a look at the Centcex marketcap today shows a fast-growing project. This is because the Centcex team has a highly appealing project to every crypto investor looking for long-term gains. The gains for Centcex token holders, especially staked tokens, will be huge in a few months or years to come.

The Centcex team is developing a crypto project that is building an unlimited number of products for the network. The products include the most sought-after blockchain applications like crypto exchanges, dApps staking programs, user bases, and many others. The Staked Centcex tokens share 100% APY of the revenue generated by these products. This is a huge reward and the biggest reason crypto investors are buying Centcex in thousands.


The Solana price has been one of the most hit crypto coins by the current bearish market conditions. As of this writing, the Solana price was 12% down for the past 24 hours. Solana coin had lost 18% in the last seven days. That’s how badly the Solana prices have plunged so far this week. But it has also been the period that the Bitgert team has been posting skyrocketing prices.

The tough competition Solana is getting from the Bitgert chain, which is now faster and has the cheapest gas, could be one of the reasons the price is plunging faster. The plunge shows fewer people are buying Solana compared to the huge number of investors buying Bitgert today. Therefore, the Solana team will need to reduce the gas fee and improve its TPS to beat Bitgert.