Bitgert Will Overtake Cardano In Next 365 Days With Its Startup Studio Program

The credibility and the marketcap of the Bitgert Brise will grow insanely and overtake Cardano in the next 365 days.

The recently launched Bitgert blockchain is already taking the crypto industry by storm, with the team already releasing products for the chain. The startup studio program is one of the most exciting products coming in the Brise chain and is expected to make Bitgert bigger than Cardano in the next 365 days.

The Bitgert Startup Studio is designed for entrepreneurs and businesses in the small-scale industry looking for funds, but the traditional financial industry is proving difficult to access funds. Here is more about the program that will make Bitgert bigger than Cardano in the next 365 days:


Among the products that will touch the real people in the decentralized financial environment that Bitgert has created is the Startup Studio. The Bitgert Startup Studio is a platform that helps entrepreneurs and businesses in raising funds without any regulators or banking support through its BRC20 Smart Contract. The powerful product is already gaining traction in the market, with tens of small-scale businesses showing interest.

The Bitgert team confirmed it is adding 500+ crypto and non-crypto projects to the Bitgert Startup Studio program in 2022. This will be huge and means a skyrocketing growth of the Bitgert coin. This is because for the investors to buy BRC20 tokens listed by the business looking for funds will need to buy the BRISE token.

That’s how the credibility and the marketcap of the Bitgert Brise will grow insanely and overtake Cardano in the next 365 days. There are many updates coming up, including exciting investment opportunities that Bitgert investors can put their money in once the Bitgert Startup Studio is up and running on the BRC20 smart contract.


Centcex is another project expected to outperform most of the largest cryptocurrencies, including Cardano. The utilities the Centcex project is planning to build are some of the reasons it is one of the crypto projects to watch in the next 365 days. The Centcex project is building an unlimited number of cryptocurrency apps that will be running in its ecosystem. The development of the products is funded by 3% of every transaction.

The good thing about Centcex products is that they offer better features, including top-tier security and user experience. The Centcex team is building crypto exchanges, dApps, user bases, and staking programs. These are features that will promote mass adoption of the Centcex blockchain as users come to enjoy products. With the Centcex staking reward at 100% APY, this is definitely one of the projects to watch.


Cardano has been around since 2017 and has been doing pretty well. The Cardano blockchain successfully implemented the revolutionary PoS consensus that addressed the issue of the costly gas fee and low speed by the PoW. But the coming is Solana, Bitgert, and other networks using advanced PoS technology has made the Cardano one of the slowest blockchains. At 100k TPS, Bitgert is the fastest blockchain, Cardano has more competitors to beat.

Note that Bitgert chain gas fee is $0.0000000000001 or zero, which makes it superior to Cardano in many ways. Therefore, it is not only because of the Startup Studio program that  Bitgert might overtake Cardano but the speed and the affordability of the blockchain. So the Cardano team might need to do more than just the widely hyped Hydra protocol upgrade to beat such competitors.