Safemoon & Babydoge Have Went to Billion Dollar Marketcap, While Bitgert Might Go Up to $10 Billion Dollar Marketcap Because of Its Zero Gas Fee Blockchain

Bitgert project might go up to a $10 billion market cap because of the powerful blockchain the team has just launched.

The growth of new cryptocurrencies has been impressive over the last few months. Some of the biggest gainers and the fastest growing cryptocurrencies are Safemoon and BabyDoge, which has now reached a $1billion market capitalization. Though this is an impressive milestone, there are more exciting projects coming up that might hit even higher market caps than this. Bitgert project might go up to a $10 billion market cap because of the powerful blockchain the team has just launched. Read more, including how other competing cryptocurrencies are doing:


The growth of cryptocurrencies is being determined by the quality of products the team is delivering. With the crypto investors now paying more attention to utilities, it is very easy for a high utility crypto project like Bitgert to explode. The Bitgert team has been releasing a range of products, but the launched zero gas fee blockchain is one of the reasons why Bitgert might hit the $10 billion very soon.

There is no other gasless blockchain in the crypto industry right now apart from Bitgert. Therefore, the Bitgert BRISE BRC20 blockchain is the only solution to the current high gas fee. In addition to that, the Bitgert chain is also currently the fastest blockchain with 100k TPS. These are factors attracting millions of crypto investors and the reasons why Bitgert might soon hit the $10 billion marketcap.


Another cryptocurrency that is going to hit a huge marketcap is the Centcex. This is one of the cryptocurrencies expected to deliver one of the largest utility in the crypto market in a few months or years. The Centcex project has a lab funded by 3% of every transaction to develop an unlimited number of products. All these products, including crypto exchanges, staking programs, user bases, and so on, will be running on the Centcex network. The 100% APY Centcex staking program is among the main factor attracting investors. These are the reasons Centcex is the big thing in the crypto industry.


The Safemoon project has been growing steadily, especially after the launch of the Safemoon V2. The team has also been working on improving the project by bringing more products and network improvements. The number of Safemoon wallet holders has also been growing steadily. But Project Phoenix is one of the reasons why there has been a lot of excitement around the Safemoon project. These are some of the reasons why SFM market capitalization has grown to over $1 billion.


The other cryptocurrency that has been doing very well is the BabyDoge. This is one of the new dog coins doing well in the crypto market over the last few months. With the number of BabyDoge holders now larger than Shiba Inu, it has been among the fastest-growing blockchains. The BabyDoge has done a lot to grow this coin, with the token utility being one of the major attractions. Therefore, BabyDoge reaching the $1 billion Market cap was just a matter of when.

Saitama Inu

The Saitama Inu is another crypto project that is expected to grow fast, just like BabyDoge has grown. The main reason why the Saitama project is expected to do well is the fast-growing utility of the project. The team has been launching a number of products, with the SaitaMask being among the first releases. The Saitama Reality just came out the other day. With the huge collection that the Saitama Inu team is planning to launch, this will be one of the cryptocurrencies to watch.

Floki Inu

The Floki Inu team has been delivering the roadmap on the products that the team had promised. As the Floki team had promised as it started giving the project more utility, it is building a powerful play-to-earn metaverse gaming platform. The main flagship project, which is called Valhalla, is launching soon. There are many other products on the Floki Inu network that is making the project super attractive. Therefore, it is expected that Floki project will record a huge marketcap soon.


The Metahero is another product to watch in 2022 and could be among the projects that will be hitting over a $1 billion market cap. This is mainly because of the uniqueness that the Metahero project offers. The Metahero 3D scanning technology is still the most advanced in the market and it might soon get upgraded. The Everdome’s success is just one of the indicators of how powerful the Metahero project is. There is more development coming that might enable HERO to reach over $1 billion MC.