Solana Competitor Bitgert Has Built Zero-Gas-Fee Blockchain, Avalanche & Cardano Has a Tough Competition

Now, the Bitgert blockchain tops among the toughest competitors of Solana.

Solana has been reigning supreme as the fastest blockchain for the longest time. The currently 65,000 TPS was the fastest blockchain speed in the market before the new Bitgert blockchain abruptly overtook it with its 100k TPS. Now, the BRISE BRC20 blockchain tops among the toughest competitors of Solana. But the speed is not the only reason why BRISE BRC20 blockchain is beating Solana and the rest of the cryptocurrencies in the market. Read more about this below


The Bitgert roadmap has been among the most impressive in today’s crypto industry, and among the products the team was developing was its own blockchain. That’s what the Bitgert team has done, and the BRISE BRC20 blockchain has gone LIVE already. The blockchain comes with very exciting features. The zero-gas fee is one of the features that make Bitgert stand out from even the largest cryptocurrencies. The cost of gas on the BRISE BRC20 blockchain is $0.0000000000001, which is zero no matter how you look at it. In addition to the zero gas fee, the Bitgert chain is also currently the fastest at 100k TPS. These are the reasons Bitgert price is skyrocketing as more investors are now buying the Bitgert coin.


Though Bitgert is currently giving Centcex tough competition, it might not last long. This is because the Centcex team is planning to build a vast collection of products. In fact, the Centcex lab is funded to develop an unlimited number of products for the network. Therefore, it will become one of the crypto projects with the largest utilities in the crypto market. With the 100% APY staking rewards and hints of its own blockchain, Centcex will be one of the biggest Bitgert competitors in the future.


The Solana team now has a new project to beat in terms of speed and the gas fee. The Solana chain had been the fastest at 65k TPS, but it is now the second-fastest blockchain after Bitgert. With a 100k TPS and the zero gas fee, Bitgert has outperformed Solana and could also be coming up fast in terms of products on the chain. However, with the rate at which the Bitgert team is developing, it will be the biggest competitor for Solana.


The Cardano project has been incredible, although projects like Solana have been giving it tough competition in terms of speed. But the Cardano team has another crypto project to beat with the fast-rising of Bitgert. The Bitgert BRISE BRC20 blockchain is a big threat, and it’s fast dominating the crypto industry with its 100k TPS and the zero gas fee. These are two major features the crypto community, including the Cardano community, is looking for. Therefore, the Cardano team will need to make the chain faster and cheaper to beat Bitgert.


The Avalanche team will need to do a lot of developments of the network to beat the Bitgert competition. Though Avalanche is the fastest smart contract, it has fewer products and doesn’t have its own blockchain. The Bitgert has BRISE BRC20 blockchain, which is faster and offers a gas fee that is cheaper than Avalanche. This is one of the biggest reasons developers might start migrating from Avalanche to Bitgert. The compatibility with the EVM is another reason why Bitgert is a tough AVAX competitor.


The Matic cryptocurrency is another cryptocurrency doing very well in the market. But recent developments at Bitgert might make Matic an inferior coin as the demand for the Polygon might start dropping. The launched BRISE BRC20 blockchain is proving a better option for crypto users than the Matic network. With a cheaper gas fee and higher TPS than Polygon, Bitgert is definitely going to overpower Matic soon. This is unless the Polygon team develops its own mainnet cheaper and faster than Bitgert.


Being in the crypto industry for more than a decade is a sign that Litecoin is one of the best cryptocurrencies in the market. The Litecoin team has done so well in promoting the adoption of the coin but not much in the development of the network. Although the Litecoin team has just launched powerful MWEB, it might fail to beat Bitgert high speed and cheaper gas fee. The Bitgert team developing its own blockchain also made the network more powerful than Litecoin.