Top Metaverse Crypto – MetaworldPad Announces Launchpad to Advance Metaverse Ecosystem

Imagine investing in Top Metaverse crypto with a compelling use case and great management that could revolutionise the Metaverse segment? Only to find your tokens worthless as management had made a few rookie mistakes. If only someone had advised them better! Within the last few months, The metaverse industry is heating up, with Big Tech brands – Facebook Meta, Tencent, Microsoft, and more, in an all-out race. 

MetaworldPad launchpad will serve as an investment accumulator for GameFi and Metaverse projects where the community, investors, and project developers can come together to build up the project from scratch. The key benefit for MetaworldPad’s investors is early access at keen prices to hot new projects looking to raise cash before they launch with a decentralised seed funding mechanism, where the community will decide projects to be funded using the DAO voting system. 

MetaworldPad aims to play a crucial role in the development and growth of Metaverse businesses and projects. Launchpads have the genuine ability to bring global mass adoption of crypto. We have seen the launch of many tokens in the Metaverse industry. Most of them, like baby turtles, have to find their feet, survive and grow on their own without assistance. Sadly, like those little turtles, most will disappear without a trace for many reasons including good ones such as a small market for their use-case as well as some entirely avoidable ones. For example, getting the right developers or building the right token structure, or just some sage advice from a seasoned angel investor. MetaworldPad will fulfill the existing gaps in the Metaverse industry and provide advice and support to these projects.

METAWORLDPAD CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0x8F5547bc87205c953c724d7fE748EF0ca34F81F0

MetaworldPad Ecosystem:

Metaverse launchpad

Metaworldpad enables you to participate in the projects that will form the infrastructure and be early pioneers of the Metaverse in which your MetaworldPad token will act as essential key. By staking your tokens, you’ll unlock a tier and other perks it brings, including first access to Token launches, generous staking rewards, and potential access to a first-of-its-kind Metaverse stakedrop.

NFT and Tokenisation Ecosystem

MetaworldPad ecosystem will provide tools and API-based infrastructure for developers to easily create and integrate NFTs and tokenization in their video games and applications. Developers can offer a whole new world of in-game items and offer upgradable NFTs or mystery boxes on the blockchain that will unlock random NFTs with varying rarities once claimed by an owner.

Play-to-Earn & Staking

Earn MetaWorldPad tokens by playing our exclusive play-to-earn games, Grab power-ups to further increase your earning power or potentially revive your character. Simply buy a Metabox in our shop. Once purchased, you will unlock a random NFT from our limited Metaverse collection, each with its own rarity and staking multiplier. The rarer your NFTs the better the rewards.


Step 1: Purchase BUSD or BNB (BEP20) from Binance and Transfer to Metamask or Trustwallet.

Step 2: Connect your wallet with Pancakeswap Dex and Enter the Contract Address: “0x8F5547bc87205c953c724d7fE748EF0ca34F81F0”

Or Visit:

Step 3: Swap to MWP (Metaworldpad) Tokens

Company: MetaWorldPad
Email: [email protected]