Two Cryptos Set to Dominate 2022 – Seesaw Protocol (SSW) & Quant Network (QNT)

The two top cryptos that are set to dominate 2022 will also yield maximum profits this year

Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB) & Ripple (XRP) are the Mount Rushmore of the crypto space at this moment in time. Whilst investment in any of these coins would not be considered a bad thing, the likelihood of exponential returns is unlikely as they have already seen considerable market appreciation. If you’re looking for a medium to long-term investment in projects that have solid fundamentals and a clear vision then two projects to keep your eyes on are Seesaw Protocol (SSW) & Quant Network (QNT).

Seesaw Protocol (SSW) is a fully decentralised multi-chain DeFi platform. It will allow its users to bridge between three of the major blockchains (Ethereum, Binance, and Polygon). Holders will be able to bridge between the three networks to find the quickest and cheapest network for their respective transactions. Seesaw Protocol (SSW) has now increased in price by nearly 1200%. Considering it is still in stage one of its pre-sale this is an exceptional amount of growth.

With two more stages of pre-sale to go, some analysts believe the project could increase by at least another 6000% before launch, meaning that investors still have a lot of opportunities to catch some of those gains on its way to the moon! Every new user can earn more by referring other users to the platform. Currently, the rewards sit at 5% for each referral. Another incentive to buy and hold long-term is the fact that a buy and sell tax on each transaction is distributed back to each and every holder.

With the creation of their blockchain operating system, Overledger, Quant Network (QNT) is already revolutionising the blockchain space. Quant’s Overledger Network is a business solution that uses an API gateway to connect organisations’ projects to multiple blockchains. ISO 20022 is a project created by the International Organisation of Standardisation. The idea behind the concept is to have one standard method of communication between financial situations. Quant Network is ISO 20022 compatible and will be one of the leading names of the movement. Alongside Ripple (XRP), some analysts believe that Quant Network (QNT) will be one of the cryptos that most benefit from this project.

If we take this into consideration XRP and QNT differ dramatically in price and this may put some potential investors off. However, when looking at cryptocurrencies it is important to look at the market cap first instead of the price. Ripple (XRP) currently trades at $0.78 and has a market cap of $37 billion. QNT on the other hand is currently available to buy at $117.93. Now you may think this is a little expensive but if we look at the market cap, we can see that it’s only $1.5 billion. Using we can calculate that QNT will be 23x from its current price if it were to reach the same market cap of XRP. When ISO 20022 launches, this is something that is completely feasible.

The crypto markets can be extremely volatile. Whilst certain lucky people may make millions from investing in dog coins, the vast majority of those kinds of traders will lose. Instead, your best bet for incredible gains over the long term is to invest in new and upcoming projects that offer strong utility. Seesaw Protocol (SSW) and Quant Network (QNT) have that in their favour and could be one of the better investments you’ll ever make. Before you invest in any of the projects mentioned in this article you should do your own research.

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