Employees reveal the best Costco hacks

Regardless if the U.S. is under a global pandemic or not, there’s a few Costco hacks to use that’ll make your shopping trip much shorter and affordable. Here’s what we learned from some of the wholesale store’s employees:

Call in advance to see if they have essentials

With community spread of novel coronavirus COVID-19, certain products have been seeing a shortage. It’s not that manufacturers and farmers have stopped making them, it’s because panic shoppers have stockpiled unnecessarily.

Mario Tama/Getty Images News via Getty Images

As a result, canned goods, flour, yeast, pasta, and toilet paper are among the hardest to find items at Costco and other retailers.

Costco employees told Business Insider to call ahead to ask if essential items are in stock. (Saves you a trip if it turns up fruitless!)

Next, this might be the best time to shop at Costco for the best deals and freshly stocked items.

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