Don’t Harm Your Body With These Bad (But Common) Shower Habits

Have you ever considered the “right” and “wrong” ways to shower? Dermatologists have, and they’ve warned people about common–yet unhealthy–shower habits. These practices can dry out your skin, damage your hair, and even spread diseases.

If you enjoy a long shower, you’ll want to keep reading. Biologists and dermatologists have identified health concerns in everyday habits, such as keeping your loofah in the shower. Become the perfect shower-er when you learn how to correct these mistakes.

Experts Say Not To Shower Every Day

Peter Bischoff/Getty Images

Showering more makes you cleaner–right? Dr. Elaine Larson, an infectious disease expert, asserts that showering every day could actually make you sick. Over-showering dries out the skin by ripping away natural oils, and bacteria easily slip into those tiny cracks. To prevent disease, washing your hands is mostly adequate, says Larson.

“I think most people over-bathe,” Dr. C. Brandon Mitchell, a professor of dermatology, told Time. “Your body is a naturally well-oiled machine. A daily shower isn’t necessary.” If you want to shower daily, lather your armpits and groin, but avoid the rest. Over-soaping your body will dry it out.

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