Don’t Trust These Beauty Treatment Scams, Experts Say

Every year, a new beauty fad comes out–a new product, skincare regimen, or exercise routine. Often, these fads will catch on before people figure out whether they work. By the time experts discover that these treatments don’t work, people have already wasted their money on them.

Some of these scams waste your money but are otherwise harmless. Others can raise your risk of cancer or other illnesses without you knowing. Don’t fall for these beauty treatment scams–learn why they don’t work.

The Secret Dangers Of Tanning Beds

Rick Madonik/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Tanning beds may improve your looks, but they will damage your skin health. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, one indoor tanning session increases your risk of cancer by 75%. Plus, indoor tanning does not give you more vitamin D, says UnityPoint Health.

Tanning beds cause more cases of skin cancer than lung cancer cases from substance abuse. Don’t believe the “benefits” of indoor tans. Your healthiest bet is to avoid indoor (and outdoor) tanning entirely.

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