Everyday Habits That Increase Your Risk Of Diabetes

Over 100 million adults in the US live with diabetes or prediabetes. Although some people are genetically predisposed to the disease, you can prevent it. Changing your lifestyle habits today can spare you from chronic illness down the line.

Some people may never make a grocery store list or eat breakfast and believe it or not, these habits can heighten your risk of diabetes. You could be increasing your chances and not even know it. Here are the worst everyday habits that could increase your diabetes risk.

Quit Drinking “Empty Calories”

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Sugary drinks–even naturally sugary ones–contribute to diabetes risk. Health experts refer to these as “empty calories,” only feeding your body calories without any nutritional benefit. In 2019, a Harvard study determined that drinking four ounces of sweet drinks per day raises your diabetes risk by 16%.

Even “natural” drinks, such as 100% fruit juices, contribute to type 2 diabetes. Researchers believe that sweet drinks add many other risks, including a higher BMI and worse overall diet. An easy way to avoid diabetes is to cut out these beverages.

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