How Healthy Are They? The Most Popular Diets Of 2020

Diet trends come and go every year. Some last for decades, while others disappear within months. But being new doesn’t make diets a fad, and being popular doesn’t make them healthy. All diets assert that they’re the best–but are they?

It’s time to explore the most popular eating programs of 2020. What do studies have to say about these eating plans? Does cutting carbs help? Does removing meat improve the body? Discover what science has to say about the most popular diets of 2020.

The Mediterranean Diet

DeAgostini/Getty Images

The Mediterranean Diet has appeared in dozens of health studies over the past several years. As the name suggests, the diet originates from countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. It emphasizes plenty of produce, low amounts of lean protein, and olive oil as its primary fat source.

Because of its long list of scientific backing, the American Heart Association encourages this diet. After analyzing 85 studies, researchers have linked the Mediterranean Diet to a lower risk of heart disease, healthier weight, and longer living. Unlike other diets, it allows people to eat fat and bread.

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