Save Your Money: Don’t Bother Stockpiling These Items While You’re Staying Home

When Americans were notified that stay at home orders would be put in place in 2020, many of us realized that we were not prepared for an event like this. Overwhelmed with constantly-changing news reports and information of COVID-19 spreading across the country, Americans rushed to grocery stores and pharmacies to stock up on items for the unforeseeable future. Our typical shopping habits were tossed out the window as priorities shifted to cleaning supplies, sanitary items and nonperishable items, which flew off the shelves as we’ve never seen. But just because other people are stockpiling doesn’t mean that you need to. There are numerous items that are unnecessarily selling out. Find out what they are now before making your next grocery store run.

The Average Household Doesn’t Need Stacks Of Gloves

Unsplash/Clay Banks

It’s a common misconception that wearing gloves around your home and while doing essential errands will protect you. Only medical professionals need protective gloves for what they’re doing. Amesh Adalja, a senior scholar at John Hopkins Center for Health Security stated that latex gloves aren’t intended for people to wear for everyday use.

Instead, households should focus on keeping their hands clean by washing them regularly and sanitizing when necessary. Afterall, gloves become dirty just like hands.

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