The Truth About Losing Weight Doctors Wish Everyone Knew

When it comes to dieting, misconceptions can sometimes overshadow scientific advice. Some people think that losing weight involves cutting out all sweets and avoiding fats, but doctors beg to differ. Professional guidance doesn’t follow diet trends.

Doctors, Nutritionists, and Dietitians have openly shared their advice on snacking, sweets, and which exercises help the most. Their statements are all backed by research, and they may contradict what you’ve previously heard. Once you learn what doctors wish you knew about weight loss, your journey will become more fruitful.

Another Person’s Diet May Not Work For You


From Keto to Paleo, diet trends change every year. But just because they work for one person doesn’t mean that they’ll work for you. According to physician Dr. Larry Burchett, the data proves that there’s no significant difference between two healthy diets. “You have to do what works for you,” Burchett recommends.

Some of the few similarities between successful diets include: eating regularly (not skipping meals or eating too little), balancing your meals, and exercising consistently. Other than that, you should find a diet that fits your lifestyle and incorporates the foods you enjoy.

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