These Body Odors Can Point To Bigger Health Problems

Have you noticed that you have a little bit of body odor and you haven’t had an issue with it before? Maybe you skipped your shower yesterday, or maybe you scrubbed up and noticed that you still smelled a little wonky. The new odor you are smelling could be an indication that you have a health issue that needs to be checked out by your primary care physician.

Here are some sneaky sources of body odors that could point to bigger health issues.


Everyone gets stressed out, whether it’s at work, school, or just from personal issues. Anxiety about a certain subject can trigger a release of cortisol, the stress hormone that helps you deal with dangerous situations. Unfortunately, this stress hormone also tends to make people sweat uncontrollably.

Photo credit: caio_triana / Pixabay

“Stress sweat,” which is when you suddenly break out in perspiration, can be especially strong. While sweat alone doesn’t smell, the combo when added to living bacteria on your skin can stink really badly.

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