These Cleaning Myths Are Only Making Your Home Dirtier

The internet has spread many cleaning hacks supposedly to make your chores easier or more efficient. The problem is that many of these tips are wrong. Some tips, such as using hair spray for stains, are outdated old wives’ tales. Others are common assumptions that people have never fact-checked.

These cleaning myths may be damaging your home. If you follow these myths, you may waste water, pollute your home, or harm your furniture. Learn about the worst cleaning myths and how to correct them.

Bleach Does NOT Clean Everything

CHRIS DELMAS/AFP via Getty Images

Although bleach can effectively kill germs, it doesn’t clean everything. It is not effective at removing dirt, grease, or residue. It may dye the residue white; it will smell fresh, but the surface won’t actually be clean.

To correctly use bleach, wipe down the surface before bleaching it. Use old-fashioned soap and water to remove grime and let it dry before applying bleach. Dilute the bleach, let it sit on the surface for at least five minutes, and then rinse it.

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