These Everyday Habits Could Lead To Heart Disease

Every year, over 365,000 Americans die from heart disease. As cardiovascular diseases continue to be the world’s top killer, more and more people are taking preventative measures. However, some everyday habits can actively harm your heart.

Common habits, such as skipping breakfast and not brushing your teeth, can lead to cardiovascular disease over time. Even sitting at your computer is more heart-healthy than some of the actions listed here. If you want to delay heart disease, stop performing these unhealthy habits.

Watching TV Is Worse Than Sitting At The Computer

Mark Trowbridge/Getty Images

Although sitting isn’t heart-healthy, watching TV is worse for your heart than sitting at work. In June 2019, researchers from Columbia University found that not all sitting is created equal. Sitting around at home harms your heart more than being sedentary at work.

According to the study, people who watch TV for four hours per day are 50% more likely to experience cardiovascular disease and early death. Watching TV after dinner results in people staying still for hours. While watching TV, try to stand up frequently.

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