You know That Hiding Soap Bars in Your Shoes Can Save Your Day and 6 More Precious Soap Life Hacks

A bar of soap has been used around the house for many generations and even ancient Egyptians are believed to have had a multi-functional substance that’s reminiscent of modern soap. But it’s not just a simple hygiene product. Soap can be used for many purposes, starting from saving your favorite shoes to getting rid of annoying insects.

We at Gifans were really fascinated by the numerous ways we can use an ordinary bar of soap to upgrade our lives and we can’t wait to share our discoveries with you.

1. Hiding soap bars in your shoes is a great way to refresh them.

To make your favorite shoes smell like brand-new, just put a bar of soap in each shoe for a little while. It’s best to leave it overnight and take the bar out in the morning. To prolong the effect, repeat this procedure 2-4 times a week.


2. Apply soap to the mirrors and glass in the bathroom to prevent them from getting foggy.

Take a bar of soap and rub it over the glass. Keep in mind that the bar should be dry and clean. And don’t add water! Just remove any marks with a dry cloth that doesn’t leave any lint behind.
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3. A bar of soap can help you with a zipper that’s stuck.

If your zipper doesn’t move and you start losing your patience, just take a bar of soap and slide it along the backside of the zipper to smooth it. You can also rub the teeth that are stuck with some soap. Then gently try to move the zipper without pulling it too hard.
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4. Soap is a great lubricant for fixing squeaky doors.

If you want to fix sticky drawers and squeaky doors, just rub some soap on the door hinges and on the edges of the drawers. The soap will act as a lubricant so everything will open smoothly, without any unpleasant sounds.
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5. A mixture of soap and oil will help repel insects from your plants.

If you want to protect your plants from aphids and mites, mix a quarter cup of liquid soap with a full cup of any vegetable oil. Shake the mixture well. Use 4 cups of water to 1 tbsp of this concentrate, put it in a spray bottle, and apply this solution to your plants once a week.

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6. A bar of soap is an effective and natural remedy for mosquito bites.

Just rub a dampened soap bar onto the mosquito bite and it’ll relieve the itching after a few minutes.

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7. Soap can protect your nails from dirt.

When you work in the garden or do some other type of messy work, your nails can get pretty dirty and it’ll be difficult to completely remove the dirt from your nails. If you want to avoid this, just scrape a bar of wet soap with your fingernails before you start working. This way the soap will stay under your nails and prevent the dirt from getting in there.

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