Authentic Homemade Tortilla Recipe

Cinco de Mayo may only happen once a year in May, but taco tuesday happens every single week! Not everyone can run out and get tacos or tortillas for taco night, and choosing between hard shell or soft shell is a controversial debate in itself.

However, tortillas are cheap food options for any meal, and they are also incredibly easy to make. in fact, all you need is some flour, a fat and water. Just a minute in a pan and you are done! Also, homemade food just seems to taste better overall.

Here are the ingredients that you will need to make this recipe, and this recipe makes around eight medium-sized tortillas.

2 cups flour

3 Tablespoons crisco (or liquid/solid fat)

1 teaspoon kosher salt

1/2 cup cold water


And here are the instructions for making tortillas.

  • In a large bowl, combine flour and salt.
  • 2. Stir in water and fat.
    3. Turn the mixture onto a floured surface; knead 10-12 times, adding a little flour or water to achieve a smooth dough.

    4. Form dough into a ball and cut into 8 wedges. Use your hands to shape the wedges of dough into round balls.

    5. Sprinkle your countertop with a bit of flour and use a rolling pin to shape your dough into thin 8 inch circles, using your hands to help create a rounded shape as needed.  You can actually make them into any desired shape.

    6. Finally, griddle the tortillas by heating a tablespoon of oil in a non-stick skillet or cast iron pan and cooking over medium heat until lightly browned, 1 minute on each side. You can griddle these tortillas in advance, or you can griddle them right before you eat them!

    This recipe is also good for alternative ingredients if you want to try using coconut flour or almond flour. In addition, you could try using coconut oil or another fat just to conscious of how much you use as the ratio of flour to fat may not be exactly the same.